Our Background

Our values are at the core of who we are and how we operate. We acknowledge the need for confidentiality, transparency where required, integrity and trust.

Makati Law Consultancy is a legal practice which provides a unique combination of corporate and employment law litigation, mediation and arbitration. Based on training, experience and exposure to law practice for many years we are able to offer you a bouquet of high quality dispute resolution and corporate legal advice services at a competitive price.

Additionally, because of our unique experience and interest in building the jurisprudence of our law, we receive briefs from colleagues including rival firms to assist them in drafting legal documents and presiding over dispute resolution for their clients. We are dynamic, versatile and flexible in our approach, which allows us to best understand legal issues faced by our clients and render appropriate legal advice.

Dineo Makati-Mpho was rated the best female attorney in Botswana by The Business Weekly

8 March 2019